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Wallpaper: Types Of Wood Fences For Backyard

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Types Of Wood Fences For Backyard-Fence is something that is common in every home. In fact, the fence intended to increase the security of our homes or our kids, but the fence also can add to the aesthetic beauty of our homes. There are several types of fence material often used at home in General, such as a fence made from aluminum, iron fences and a simple wooden fence.

For urban areas, fences are made of aluminum and iron are most often we see. While a simple wooden fence might not have been too common to urban areas. This may be due to a simple wooden fence no matter the price is still more expensive than fences made of aluminum or iron fences. This is because the raw material wood is legally restricted to be harvest, given a tree takes a dozen even dozens of years to grow big.

We call it a simple wooden fence, wood fence, this means giving the effect of natural, ethnic and artistic on the fence of your home even though the price can not we call it simple.

For a simple wooden fence is the best quality for a simple wooden fence made by ulin wood. Ulin wood also called iron wood due to its heavy, even this wood will sink in water. The wood is highly resistant to weather, water if exposed wood is thus growing stronger. Ulin wood is now very rare and protected. No wonder the wood fence simple ulin wood the price is very expensive about tens even hundreds of dollars.

Other wood can also be used for simple picket fence is a wooden second best after the ulin wood namely wood merbau, teak wood, then followed Wood sawn wood and camphor sea.

To model a simple picket fence can be combined with iron. How, wood arranged vertically and given the last few centimeters gap given the cross horizontally with an iron on the back side and the belt with the bolt. If your budget big, fences can be made full of wood, but this simple model of a wood fence can also be combined with a concrete fence covered with natural stone or stones on the bottom of the fence, and wood that had been drafted earlier placed on the top of the concrete. Or you can make your fence from natural stone or rock arrangement of the wood while the time allocated for the gate.

If you want a simple wooden fence that looks more natural, you can make a simple wooden fence-style model of the United Kingdom or a simple picket fence a popular American-style with the term ‘ picket fence ‘. Usually a simple picket fence style is not too high and the United Kingdom are more likely to serve as aesthetic enhancer, guarding the children’s playground and a place for vine gardens. A simple wooden fence to United Kingdom and American-style mostly painted solid white with paint, or the many who were left without natural-colored paint.

While a simple wooden fence that much we encounter in asia was usually combined with steel and natural stone or stones and was given a touch of natural wood with transparent paint such as varnish, which makes a simple wooden fence look natural and sturdy.

Tips for buying a simple wooden fence material you, whatever type oftimber will surely choose wood that has the legal and official documents, not illegal timber logging or illegal logging. You can choose a simple wooden fence with a style that is more to your liking by considering a function that you need.

How? Interested in wearing a wooden fence to the exterior of a House?

Types Of Wood Fences For Backyard

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